Nov 16, 2021

LED lighting for my headboard

Eversince I built an Ikea headboard for my bed, I've been looking to add some LED lighting to it. It's fun and adds to the ambience of your room.

Currently Costco is running a promotion for the American Lighting Color Changing Neon Flex Light.

What is it?
This is a 16.4ft LED light strip that is encased in a flexible tube made for indoor and outdoor use. Because it is also made for outdoor use, this strip is weathersealed. I didn't need all that but I do need something to protect the LEDs from dust and is flexible enough for me to run it in any arrangement.

Price: $25 in-store
This item's MSRP is $45. It is available on Costco's website for $35 but you can get it for only $25 in store! 

Things I like:
  1. Heavy duty, weatherproof channels to hold the LEDs. I have other LED strips but they're all exposed LEDs so they're much easier to damage, not to mention you can't clean them by simply wiping the strip. These you can.
  2. This 16.4ft strip can be linked to another to form a 32.8ft string. Perfect for covering patios and other areas outside your home.
  3. It has holiday color presets for July 4th, Halloween, and Christmas.
  4. White-only mode. 
  5. Super bright. This strip is brighter than all my other LED lights, with the exception of Hue light bars.
  6. You can fold and mold it into any shape you want.
  7. The price 😍

Things I don't like:
  1. No app control so I can't sync it with my other LED strips or tie it into smart home routines (IFTTT).
  2. Cannnot dim. This is a serious omission by the manufacturer.
  3. I wish the white-only mode has a warmer tone version (about 3000k). That would be great to make you feel warm. I guess I can choose orange or a shade closer to incandescent light.
Enough description, here's how it looks in my bedroom:
Multi color dynamic mode (color chase)

White-only mode

With room light on

Extra tidbit:
 Not related to these lights but I originally added the Hue bars for some smart home stuff. Currently I'm tying them to a schedule to simulate sunrise in my room. They slowly brighten in orange at dawn. This helps me wake since I don't have the luxury of having a big window facing west.
I wish these LED strips would sync with Hue for a larger sunrise experience. For that, I'll need to fork out $70 (Costco sale price) for Hue LED strips. Even that deal only includes a 6ft + 3ft combo without hub. This is way better.

Here's a video showing this light strip in action:

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