About Me

I would describe myself as a tech-a-holic since I am very passionate about computer & technology.
However, despite my strong, and sometimes unhealthy, interest in technology, I love, and very much appreciate, the natural world. Nature is the Ying to my technology Yang.

I also love people, culture, and history. Traveling connects me to all three so, naturally, that's what I love doing (even more than tech).

I recently made a YouTube channel covering my hobbies as well as other fun stuff. Check it out.

I have a lot of travel content but plan to launch a channel for that with my wife. She's much better at presenting that stuff than I am.

For now, as a travel tracking tool, I made the follow map of all the countries I've been:

Here's my YT music Playlist.

And here's what I'm gaming and doing work on:

ZEROSVN Tech Enthusiast

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