Jan 21, 2023

DNDM - Elfida. A beautiful song about a sad story

This is a beautiful song about a little girl who, despite losing her fight against illness, inspires others to fight on.

Sometimes you come across a beautiful song that evokes deep emotions, but you don't understand it because it's in a foreign language.
Still, music transcends language and nothing is lost, even if the current song is a modern (house) interpretation of the original.

This is DNDM's new song called Elfida (shown through House FM's visual presentation).
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My favorite songs from INNA

I've been a fan of INNA (a Romanian house/pop artist) for a while, but I recently came across these awesome songs. I then proceeded to listen to most of her entire discography (she made a ton).

There are many good songs, but here are my current favorites:

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