Aug 27, 2009

Turn your little Canon point-and-shoot camera into a miniDLSR

I'm sure many of you have bought Canon Powershot cameras. Those little guys are super compact and easy to use so you carry them everywhere with you. Sure you can lug around a large DSLR (and, while you're at it, add an 18-200 lens) to ensure you get the best shots possible but many times the DSLR is just too inconvenient. Sometimes it's better to tuck a Powershot in your shirt/pant/short pocket and go. But what if you can combine the pocketability of a Powershot and the flexibility & power of a DLSR? Well...if you have a Canon camera, you're in luck. Check out CHDK.

In short, CHDK gives your little Powershot camera the ability to do a lot of things that only large and expensive DSLRs can do. A few notable features include:
  • Save images in RAW format - RAW is an uncompressed image format. Most cameras save to JPEG by default. JPEGs are compressed versions of the image which causes it to lose detail. RAW retains everything and gives you complete control over your picture (with a RAW-capable image editor of course).
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HP MediaSmart Server EX485 - $419 Free Shipping or $348 w/EPP

HP MediaSmart Server EX485 - $419 Free Shipping or $348 w/EPP (Employee Preferred Pricing) has $150 off the MediaSmart Servers, and coupon code SV2132 for $30 off $150, and free shipping. This brings the total cost to $419 for the EX485.

If you have EPP, I've seen the price as low as $347.99 (the coupon code seems to stack).
Thanks to original poster on Slickdeals.

Also, Microsoft Bing cashback for is currently at 25% so, if you combine that with EPP price (don't use coupon as it will void the Bing cashback), you can get this server for $292!

Here's a few reviews of this server:

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Aug 25, 2009

Deal: Free CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2010 admission

Register for your FREE Exhibits Plus pass
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October 1, 2009 — 5 p.m. EST, January 2, 2010 $100.00
5:01 p.m. EST, January 2, 2010 — On-site $200.00
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Deal: 50% off Dell SMB laptops

Dell Small Business 50% off Vostro 1520, Latitude E5500, and Latitude E6500 50% off Vostro 1520, Latitude E5500, and Latitude E6500 laptops of $1,599 or more with "DLJDVFMLQCN$F9" and E6500 comes with Mini 10 for $99!!
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Aug 24, 2009

A few galleries

Pictures from my recent trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco
My gallery on
    Here's a few samples:
    More to come...
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    The start of a new beginning

    Here we go again...another blog.

    This is probably my 4th attempt at a blog. For some reason, it never really pan out. I never have enough time to keep posting. Hopefully this time around, Facebook will help me keep this blog updated.

    Let's see where we go from here.
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    How to install Windows XP on a hard drive destined for another computer

    I needed to install Windows XP on an old laptop today. The laptop has an external DVD-ROM drive but, of course, it doesn't work.

    I tried booting from a USB drive, doesn't work either (BIOS is too old and does not support booting from USB). Now what?

    Network booting is out of the question as it involves too much work to setup a PXE server and it doesn't make sense for a single laptop install. So I took out the hard drive and used a USB-IDE adapter to connect it to another laptop. The next problem is doing an XP install on the "USB hard drive". I thought about copying the i386 folder from the CD to the hard drive but how do I run the setup? I can't boot from that hard drive. Under Windows 98 or 95, it's as easy as "format /s" or "sys " but there is no such option in windows. To do something similar, you'd have to download boot disk images from, unpack, expand using winimage, etc. etc. Too much work.

    I looked around and found the solution:
    1. Format the hard drive in question with whatever file system you want (I prefer NTFS).
    2. Let's assume the hard drive is E: and your CD/DVD drive is D:
    3. Put the Windows install CD in.
    4. In a command prompt (Start, Run, "cmd" then press ENTER)
    5. Type: "d:\i386\winnt32 /syspart:E /tempdrive:E"
    6. This will start a Windows installation onto drive E: and will copy the installation files to drive E.
    7. For more options, click here.
    8. After that, the system will restart. Take out the hard drive and put it back into the original computer.
    9. Once that computer boots, the OS installation will continue and will detect the proper hardware.
    I'd imagine this would come in handy when installing Windows on a netbook or any other systems that do not have a removable drive.
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