Apr 5, 2023

Finally started our travel blog & video channel

My wife kept talking about making a travel site and YouTube channel but we never actually do it, until now.

The concept is simple: 1000 Days of Travel in our lifetime (https://1000daysoftravel.com).

At 3 weeks a year, that's roughly 48 years 😱. But if we can squeeze in 5 weeks a year, we can do it in 28.6 years. We got a good start (52 countries) so let's see if we can do it.
ZEROSVN Tech Enthusiast

New metal G-shock Casioak watch

The model of this watch is GM2100C-5A.

Ever since I saw the announcement of it back in February, I knew I had to get it. 
Macy's ran a 25% sale over the weekend and it applied to this watch so I grabbed it.
I can't wait to take it with me on an upcoming trip.

Here's a video review:
ZEROSVN Tech Enthusiast