Aug 25, 2019

Our Lady Peace - Not Enough

This is my favorite song of all time.

I originally thought it was about heartbreak, but I recently found that it is about bullying.

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Schiller ft. Jael - Tired

I'm with you lonely soul

You shouldn't wait too long

Hold me in your arms and never let me go... 

We all go through the chase of love. Many of us spend months and years to find that someone, obsessing over that person, dreaming about that beautiful first date... but, for many, those dreams and obsessions often turn into defeat and disappointment.

It's tiring, and exhausting. But, there's magic in those obsessions, in the chase. Somehow, it may even be better than the actual romance.

Here's a beautiful song illustrating that magic.
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Orgy - Blue Monday

When it's Sunday afternoon and you're not ready to give up the weekend. What do you do?

Stay in bed and listen to Blue Monday of course.

Orgy - Blue Monday

Can you believe this song came out in 1998? Me neither. It was great then, but it's even better now, somehow. 😜
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Aug 17, 2019

Reality test feat. Shanti People - Passion [click for detail]

This is one of those awesome songs that has so much energy, you can't help but turn up the volume. Better if you have a subwoofer.

If you've ever wondered what psytrance sounds like, this is it.

What's interesting is the lyric on this song is pulled entirely from a Hindu (Sanskrit) chant about Lord Shivaa.

Reality test feat. Shanti People - Passion

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