Aug 31, 2020

My new EDC flashlight: Custom Convoy S2+

I ordered this from China about 9 days ago and it is already here! Craziness. 

Convoy S2+ in its original 18650 form

This is a great, minimalistic flashlight. It's even better in this beautiful "sand" color -- blends right in with nature while keeping a bit of that "executive" flair.

Convoy S2+ in desert sand

Emitter: XPL-HI 5000k - 1000 lumens.
This light runs on the 7135x8 driver (highest power) with 3/5 mode groups.

Price: $19 for the latest version at Convoy official store
Or an older version for $16 at Neal's Gadgets

+ $5 for 18350 brass tube & lighted switch

+ $6 for 18650 battery (high drain, 3000 mAh, Samsung 30Q recommended)
+ $5 for 18350 battery (for use with short tube)

Here it is compared to its brothers
Left to right: Sofirn SP36 BLF - 5000k (5,600 lumens | Samsung LH351D), Folomov Camp D4 - 5000k (800 lumens | Nichia 219D), Convoy S2+ 6500K (1000 lumens | Cree XPL-HI), Wurkkos FC11 - 6000k (1,300 lumens | Samsung LH351D)

Beautiful brass and sand (dark brown) anodized aluminum 

What's more fun than a LED light lit up by RGB? 🤩


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