Sep 7, 2020

A dive light you can use around the house: Wurkkos WK20s

In my quest to try different kinds of flashlights, I came across dive lights.
These are flashlights that are extremely waterproof and can shine further than typical flashlights.

I don't dive but I go swimming quite often. I figured I might need a dive light one of these days. Until then, a light I can carry around and not have to worry about getting water damaged could be useful. I saw a deal on the Wurkkos WK20s and figured I'd check it out. One of the main reasons I wanted it is the advertised 2000 lumens at a sustained 1.5hrs! That's a long run time for that much light.

I wasn't planning on doing a review right away but, since I had time during Labor Day weekend and it arrived ahead of schedule, I might as well put up a review.

This is a decent light to have around the house. Its 2000 max lumens plus 4 brightness modes are more than most people need. There's a similar model called WK20 but I opted for this one as it has twice as much lumens and is about the same price.
Being a dive light, the WK20s is guaranteed to be waterproof down to about 500ft (150 meters). I don't dive but I could use a flashlight that I don't have to worry about getting water damaged when I take a swim. 
I dropped this light into the pool a few times to test and it survived without a hitch. The included lanyard helps you locate it as well as helps it float a bit.

One odd thing is the button on this light does not click. Rather, it steps through the 4 modes (low, medium, high, max) without noise. I think this is a sealed design that helps it keep out water. Also, the rear threads are protected by 2 O-rings (vs 1 in typical flashlights). Due to all the added protection, the head is larger than typical EDC lights like the FC11. I tried to detach the head from its battery tube but couldn't. You're probably not supposed to do that due to enhanced water-proofing. Regardless, the tail cap is very well built as are the threads.

Price: $40 (with coupon)
Emitter: Cree XHP35 - 5000k-5500k
Max power: 2000 lumens

Pros (in addition to the above):
  1. The head doesn't get hot for a long time. This means you get 2000 lumens for much longer periods than pocket rockets like the D4V2, D4SV2, or even the large SP36 BLF. Those lights can only sustain their 3k+ lumens output for a less than a minute before getting uncomfortably hot.
  2. Includes charger (micro USB)
  3. Includes 3000mAh 18650 battery
  4. Includes dive/water lanyard.
  1. I am not used to the non-click button. I would prefer a twist mechanism.
  2. I would prefer some knurling on the battery tube to help with grip but I'm nitpicking here. It actually feels pretty good in hand. 
Size comparisons vs an AA battery

Cree XHP35 emitter | 5000k-5500k

High mode (1000 lumens) on WK20s vs max mode on S2+ (1000 lumens)

Here's a comparison between various brightness levels. Note that I inadvertently overexposed these a bit. The real brightness should be half what is seen here, but you can see difference in brightness levels. 
For these pictures, I set the camera to F 1.5, 1/180s, ISO 320


If you want a no-frills, waterproof (for real, not just for rain), bright, long lasting light for use around the house, this is it.

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