Oct 12, 2022

My first hobby-grade Remote Control car

I saw a good sale on a 1:10 scale RC car recently so I bought it.

This was actually inspired by a hike to a nearby park (Fairview Park). This park has many dunes with plenty of dirt and low grass shrubs, perfect for a good RC car to do jumps and kick up dirt.

As is tradition, after I bought it, I couldn't make use of the car as there's only concrete and asphalt around me (downside of living in a city). 

Finally, I was able to get out to enjoy nature this weekend so I brought my new R/C car along.

Attached is a short video of this awesome toy. Yes! It feels good to be a kid again.

Special thanks to my wife for taking most of the footage here.

I took her to this newly-discovered place (for us at least) called Buckley Ponds, just outside Bishop, CA. This area has a few large ponds in the middle of a dry, desert plain. It's pretty much an oasis, but with cool features like many dunes and semi-rough terrains, great for off-road adventures. We even saw a runner running around the ponds, with a dog playfully following her...so it's also a great place to jog and to bring your dog.

Anyway, we went here for the views, but I got a lot of fun out of it too. Not seen in the video is me driving up and down several dunes and dirt roads. This is also my first "off-road" adventure in a 4x4 where I'm the driver. It's definitely fun.
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