Jan 21, 2023

DNDM - Elfida. A beautiful song about a sad story

This is a beautiful song about a little girl who, despite losing her fight against illness, inspires others to fight on.

Sometimes you come across a beautiful song that evokes deep emotions, but you don't understand it because it's in a foreign language.
Still, music transcends language and nothing is lost, even if the current song is a modern (house) interpretation of the original.

This is DNDM's new song called Elfida (shown through House FM's visual presentation).

To me, this song is about a beautiful, graceful person who, despite incredible hardship, brings light to your world. This person gives you the energy and inspiration to keep doing what you do, because she/he exists. I am fortunate to have at least one such person in my life. Who is your Elfida?

More about the song:
Through my research, I found that Elfida is written after Haluk Levent (song writer & artist) met a sick baby girl in a Turkish hospital. Due to a pre-existing condition, she was frail and clinging onto life. Her constant fight to live and her condition inspired him. Haluk was so moved, he wrote a song about her.

Shortly afterwards, she passed away.
The artist met with her parents again and encouraged them to have another baby. They did and, when they informed him of the news of their second baby girl, he asked them to name her Elfida. She is now named after her sister. Their names, and story, are forever immortalized by this song.

I love how songs can tell a story. Lyrics are poetry made even more beautiful through music. When rhythm and lyrics come together in perfect harmony like they do here, magic happens.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.
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