Apr 5, 2023

Finally started our travel blog & video channel

My wife kept talking about making a travel site and YouTube channel but we never actually do it, until now.

The concept is simple: 1000 Days of Travel in our lifetime (https://1000daysoftravel.com).

At 3 weeks a year, that's roughly 48 years 😱. But if we can squeeze in 5 weeks a year, we can do it in 28.6 years. We got a good start (52 countries) so let's see if we can do it.

My wife made some great travel-related stuff over the years and has tons of tips & tricks to share so this should be fun.
We also saw alot of bad hotel room walk-through videos in our research so we made a bunch of them in the past few years to help others. Time to finally put them up.

To get started, here's the first few videos featuring restaurants and accommodations from our recent trip to Mexico:

More to come...
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