Aug 25, 2019

Our Lady Peace - Not Enough

This is my favorite song of all time.

I originally thought it was about heartbreak, but I recently found that it is about bullying.

Here's an amazing animated video of this song:

Victims of bullying often times feel helpless and afraid. If only there was someone to help bolster these frail souls, to fight the insecurities, the nervousness, the shame, the disappointment.

This song starts as an inner voice talking the victim through difficulties--an angel that person wishes he/she has.
Like all victims of abuse, this person tells his/herself that "it's not enough; everything I do is not enough to make this go away. Why me?!"

Then, at some point, a real angel appears, to help the victim fight and take back his/her life. At that point, "it's not enough" takes on a new meaning.
"It's not enough" to cry and take self pity. "It's not enough" to ignore the pain. "It's not enough" to fight back. You need to win and be proud of who you are. Build up that self confidence and stand tall.

All it takes, is for one real person to reach out, to lend a hand.

We all can lend a hand.
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