Jun 13, 2020

The Ridiculous Wealth Inequality in America

For as long as humans exist, there's always been a wealth gap between inviduals at the top of society and those at the bottom. However, within the last 30 years, that wealth inequality has accelerated to an unbelievable (and unbearable) level.

Something has to give. Something has to change. Capitalism is not working for most people.

The crazy thing is, it's even worse in many other countries. But America is supposed to not have this problem. We're supposed to have a healthy middle class. Mosf of our society should be above poverty level.

Another crazy thing is, this video was made 7 years ago. The problem has exponentially accelerated since then. A recent CNN story reported that, since the pandemic locked down every state in the US (around March 18th), the top 614 families in the US watched their portfolios gain by over half a trillion dollars.

When that happened this insanely small group of people have 20% of the total GDP in the US.

Two and a half months.
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