Sep 7, 2020

Storage case for flashlights

Over the past few months my collection of flashlights and accessories have increased quite significantly. This means I need to find a good storage solution.

I saw some people on reddit using waterproof Pelican-like cases with thick foam inserts (the kind you use to store guns and stuff). I was going to buy one too but they're too bulky and not space efficient. I continued my search for something that fits the bill. Here are my criteria:
  1. Space efficient - it should be able to store a lot of things and not have too much wasted space.
  2. Configurable - not all compartments will be filled up and some lights are much larger than others. I need the storage box to be "flexible". 
  3. Portable - I need to be able to quickly grab it and go.
  4. Secure - If I'm putting a bunch of things into this box, I need it to be securely closed with some sort of lock so the contents don't just spill out. That would be bad. 😬
  5. Economical - a storage case for flashlight shouldn't cost more than $10. Pelican cases that can store 4 flashlights run about $50 and increase by $10 per flashlight space. Crazy
Well, I happen to be in a 99 Cents Only store the other day and came across a great solution: a configurable tools storage case that has a built-in handle.

Price: $3.99 
It's not "99 cents only" but I'll splurge 🤑

Here it is with all my flashlight sfuff:

It's filling up fast. Looks like I'll need to get another one. Or I can take the SP36 out and have enough space for the rest.

Here's how it looks without that fat boy. As you can see, this case is fully configurable by moving the orange dividers around. You can also add foam inserts to pad the bottom to prevent things from moving around.

Closed - The lid is transparent so you can see what's inside before opening.
There are 2 latches (to the left and right of handle) that lock the lid in place when closed. 

Future upgrade: foam inserts or silicone liner to prevent scratches on flashlights and to prevent them from moving around during transport.

That's it. Pretty simple, cheap, and efficient storage solution for flashlights and parts.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
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