Apr 5, 2023

New metal G-shock Casioak watch

The model of this watch is GM2100C-5A.

Ever since I saw the announcement of it back in February, I knew I had to get it. 
Macy's ran a 25% sale over the weekend and it applied to this watch so I grabbed it.
I can't wait to take it with me on an upcoming trip.

Here's a video review:

I went a bit overboard in this video as I included comparisons between it and my existing metal G-shock (GSTB400-1A) and my daily driver, a Tissot PRS516 Powermatic 80.

I also added a custom strap video towards the end as well as a lume shot comparison between all 3 watches.

Looks like this will become my daily driver for awhile. Can't wait to see it under the sun and various light conditions. Would love to see the indices lumed, but I'm probably going to open it and apply the lume myself in the future.

Need to find more strap combos to go with it.

Here's a few pictures (album link):

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