Sep 28, 2023

Samsung deal & overview of S23 Ultra, Tab S9 Ultra, and Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung recently offered a crazy deal where you can get the S23 Ultra, Tab S9 Ultra, and a Galaxy watch 6 for around $400 (+ tax) with various trade in items. You could also add 2 Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for $50 each (which was a deal on its own). I was going to wait for the S24 Ultra but this was a deal I couldn't pass up.

Deal break down:
  1. S23 Ultra 512GB with S22U trade-in $261.24
  2. Tab S9 Ultra 512GB with Tab S8U trade-in +$4
  3. 2x Galaxy Buds 2 pro (~$50 each) +$100
  4. Galaxy watch 6 44mm with free hybrid D band (MSRP $80) +$110
  5. Total $475 + tax.
Cali tax is crazy so I ended up with $669.31 OTD.

To show you how crazy this deal is, here's a screenshot of the discounts that applied:

Here's an unboxing, comparison, and overview video of these items to help people see what they look like compared to older models.
In particular, the Tab S9 Ultra's and the S23Ultra's new processor is about twice as fast as the previous gen, so things you do on them are much faster and smoother.

So far, I'm loving my new phone, tablet, and smart watch. 😊

Filmed in my S22 Ultra phone (

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