Feb 3, 2021

BASEUS foldable aluminum laptop stand

This is a minimalistic folding stand that sticks directly to the back of your laptop. It's aluminum and blends very well with the silver aluminum on my HP Envy 13. It's high quality and works exactly as expected. This is unique because it isn't bulky and stays with your laptop so you have one less thing to carry around (and forget).

I bought this item from China and it arrived within a week! Super fast for free shipping from China.

Here's the link to buy (from Ali Express).
Price: $9.57

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick review as it's a nifty gadget that is very useful when you're doing any amount of work on your laptop.

Baseus is one of those Chinese companies that make products the way Apple makes products: cool, high quality, and with awesome industrial design. I bought a bunch of products from them already but this is the first time I felt compelled to do a review.
I wouldn't be surprised if Apple buys this company out one day. Until then, cheapskakes like me can continue buying awesome products like this without Apple's markup.

One minor wish: I wish the bottom part of the leg is rubberized so it doesn't slip on smooth surfaces. But I think I can fix that with a nice rubberband.

Here's a few pictures of the stand installed:

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