Jul 31, 2023

Comparison of 2 mechanical keyboards (EVGA Z15 & Loriik LR68)

Part of the joy of owning a mechanical keyboard is the high amount of customizations that comes with it. 

Revised keycaps config under bright light. Z15 (top) using HyperX PBT pudding keycaps while LR68 (bottom) rocking XDA "this is plastic" set

Lights off to show more RGB 😍

In the process of replacing keycaps. You can see the Gateron Brown switches here.

Original config of the LR68 vs Z15 (main keyboard)

...and RGB! They're actually quite nice and can be set to various single color modes

Starting with a mechanical keyboard, you get the ability to choose a switch type (the thing that clicks when you press a key) then you can change the key caps (the plastic cap covering each key), color modes, etc. With a hot-swappable board like the EVGA Z15, you get the ability to swap out the switches as well, giving you the ability to have a hybrid keyboard with different types of switches.

For example, I love clicky switches so I bought the Z15 with bronze switches. They're lovely to type on but loud. I game on these so I changed a few of the often-used keys to silver switches (8 included) which are linear (non-clicky). Without it, the constant (and rapid) clicking noise will bug the heck out of my wife. To make them even quieter, I added a rubber O-ring below each key.

While the Z15 is a full-size keyboard, I needed a smaller keyboard for use with my laptop and tablets. For that, I bought the Loriik LR68, a 65% board with Gateron Brown (tactile) switches that are hot-swappable. It's also tri-mode (supporting Bluetooth, 2.4ghz wireless, and wired) and supports up to 3 devices. It comes with RGB with a ton of modes too.

I added custom XDA PBT keys from the "This is plastic" keycap set (https://amzn.to/3rWSA7b) for their awesome look.

You can purchase the LR68 here: https://amzn.to/45980DW

And the EVGA Z15 here: https://amzn.to/45cTxa9

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