Jul 30, 2023

Marquis of Wucheng - MoshowToys robot figure

My first MoshowToys figure arrived and it's huge!

Ive been into Gundams since I was a kid. Having built many kits, I'm used to Gundam HG and MG grades, but this new robot figure is easily 2X typical MG size.
That said, it is amazingly detailed and high quality.

I no longer have time or patience to build quality Gundam kits so these pre-built & painted action figures are just the ticket. I'm waiting for batteries to make the many LEDs in this kit shine but here's a shot with a bit of lighting to make it interesting.

Here's a video that shows him off better than I can:

This action figure is available from ShowZ.
But I got it from Bombusbee for cheaper (but longer shipping time). Either stores are great options.

I'm also waiting for Lancelot of the Lake (Moshow's latest action figure) to arrive. I believe that one ships out in October.
Here's a video of that one:

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