Sep 28, 2023

How to add fast wireless charging to your S23 phone

I recently took advantage of a great deal from Samsung and upgraded to a Samsung S23 Ultra from my launch S22 Ultra (1 year and 7 months old).

S23 Ultra in Spigen's Zero One case
S23 Ultra with Spigen's Zero One case

Everything was great until I found that my fast wireless chargers don't fast charge the S23U. I was scratching my head for a while. I thought my S23U was defective...but it couldn't be. Everything else work fine.

Apparently for the 2023 model year, Samsung capped wireless charging speeds for non-Samsung wireless chargers to 10W while even their own fast wireless chargers aren't allowed to fast wireless charge at max speed (15W). This is apparently done to reduce heat and extend battery life.
So, all Qi compatible fast wireless charging (15W) chargers can only charge S23 series phone at 10W. Doh!
For 15W fast wireless charging, you'll need to use Samsung's own fast wireless charger. I happen to have one so that will do. But, you still need to enable it in software.

The article above doesn't mention it but if dug around and found out how. 

  1. Go into Settings by pulling down from the top of the screen then clicking the gear icon.
  2. Go to Battery & device care > Battery > More Battery Settings
  3. Here, scroll down and click the option for Fast wireless charging to enable it. 

  4. Now put the phone on your Samsung fast wireless charger and you should see it charge at the faster speed.

That's it! Enjoy your fast wireless charging.
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