Apr 17, 2021

Every Day Carry (EDC) tools

I've always liked EDC tools. Over the years I cobbled together a bit of a collection. However, as I go through them, I realized I like to keep things light and compact, so I've been slimming down what I actually carry everyday.

Well, after years of carrying and un-carrying stuff, here's my current EDC:

  1. Leatherman Style CS (latest addition)
  2. Toyota Mirai keyfob in leather cover
  3. SanDisk Ultra Duo Luxe 256GB USB drive
  4. Pickering prescription glasses.
*Note: the keyring and keyfob covers are holdouts from my old car. I have a new set coming soon.

These, plus my phone, are the bare essentials. I love thin and light EDC tools. I had a capsule style slide-out mini knife before but the Leatherman CS replaced it. The CS gave me my pocket knife plus 5 other tools, all in that tiny thing; Amazing! I recently bought it because Costco was running a deal where you get the Leatherman REV (full-size multitool) and the Style CS for $20! The REV is $40 and the CS is $30 if bought separately.

Actually, this EDC collection is missing my Olight i1R2 mini flashlight. It added a bit too much bulk so I left it out. I'll have to rely on my phone for quick flashlight duty from now on.

For reference, here's my already slimmed down EDC from last year:

Come to think of it, I still carry most of this stuff lol. I changed the keyfob but left out the Keysmart keychain as it has too many edges. I  love that 3-color pen (my fav out of my 50+ pen collection) but only carry it when I need.

Some say I have too much time to play with things like this. That maybe true, but this is how I balance a busy (sometimes stressful) life. A man's gotta have his own time for his stuff ya know. 😁
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