Apr 24, 2021

New keyfob cover for my '21 Mirai

I love my Toyota Mirai but the plasticky keyfob was a let down. Coming from a metal key on my previous luxury sedan, I was expecting the Mirai to have a similar keyfob, but I was disappointed. So, I set out to find aftermarket keyfob covers.
I found a few good options on Aliexpress and bought two of them. The first one arrived and boy is it nice.

It comes in a nice box

Exploded view (sans the included screwdriver)

With key installed - front

With key installed - back

On keychain - front

Keychain - back

I didn't want my multi-tool scratching the keyfob so I put it and my USB drive into the old leather cover. They fit perfectly. Problem solved 😁

When you buy things from China, sometimes they don't live up to your expectation, but this cover exceeded my expectations. 
I love it so much, I ordered the carbon fiber (paint on metal) version too. 

Here is the item's link if you want to buy: US $21 |  https://a.aliexpress.com/_mtu9Wir

Edit: The carbon fiber version finally arrived and it definitely lives up to expectation. I'm not sure which will be my daily driver now, but I'll start with the new one 😁. 

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