Apr 7, 2021

Futuristic Hydrogen station

I've had my share of fueling experiences, some are great, some, not so great, but all of those experiences pale in comparison to what I just had at the True Zero station in Fountain Valley.

This is a brand new, high capacity station that came online last year. However, due to some issue, it's been down for the past 2 months. It's now back up and man, is it awesome.
After hearing it was back online, I decided to check it out. I heard hydrogen was cheaper here, and was thinking it might have a happy hour deal like the Torrance station.


My wife reluctantly went along on this late night hydrogen exploration, but even she said "Whoa" when she saw this station. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie.


As you can see, it has FOUR bays. Most of the stations I've seen have one. Only the Torrance station had two. In addition, these bays are easy to access from multiple directions. Big plus.


This station is off the 405 freeway, about 0.5 miles on Brookhurst st. going West, on the corner of Brookhurst and Ellis.
This is literally 1 exit before my usual exit going home. Woot!

Fuel price

I have to admit: the main reason I went here is the price. It's $13/kg, one of the lowest prices out there. And no time restriction for discount either.

  1. Fast and accurate fill up. 
  2. Optimized nozzle (Tatsuno H70) that is easy to use and seems to have a good temperature seal. This helps keep the nozzle from freezing, requiring you to wait some minutes until it thaws.
  3. H70M option (a future membership program that could bring cheaper than normal H2 prices.
Here's information on the Tatsuno H70 nozzle:

This nozzle type is called the Tatsuno H70.

It's one of the easiest H2 nozzles to use. Here's how to use it:
  1. Insert your card to pay. 
  2. Grab the black handle, hold the blue collar and bring it to the receptacle in your car.
  3. Push the nozzle into your fueling receptacle.
    1. The connector will click and lock, showing you the green plastic ring. This means you're ready to start fueling.
    2. Gently tug back to ensure it has a good lock.
  4. Simply press the H70 button to start pumping.
  5. Once done, grab the black handle and pull the blue collar back to disconnect.
  6. Put the nozzle back into its holder.

Outside bays

Inside bays

The damage

You can also see instruction on placing the nozzle back onto the holder. I had a bit of an issue with this (because I didn't read) but figured it out: push the nozzle up into the top of the holder (there's a plastic ball under it) and the bottom will clear, then click into place. Don't try to force it in.

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